• The Most Important Thing On Your Business’s To-Do List

    It’s almost Thanksgiving, and for most of us in business, it’s a frantic time of year. But it’s also a time to step back and recognize everything we’re thankful for. It might seem old-fashioned, or even corny, but it’s possibly most important thing you can do in your business: say thank you! As soon as you stop to think about it you know it’s true: as business people, we have so much to be thankful for! Read More
  • 6 Best Practices for Getting the Media to Cover Your Event

    World Series MVP David Eckstein speaks to a local television station prior to his public appearance. If you're looking to generate a lot of quick visibility and buzz, an event that caters to local or regional attendees is a fantastic idea. Pro Sports MVP specializes in booking strong local sports and media personalities. The inclusion of such a celebrity at your event — to perform, speak, and sign memorabilia — can give it instant appeal. But although Read More
  • How to Generate Influence for Your Brand

    Marketers’ jobs today are multi-faceted. They’re constantly looking for new ways to connect with people through a variety of media venues, and they’re always seeking methods to strengthen their brands’ image and messaging — especially in ways they can extend and repeat through online and social media channels. One of the hottest trends in marketing is the brand influencer, a champion of your brand who can trigger increases in traffic and conversions. Different types of influencers work Read More
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