The True Definition of Partnership- Bringing Prospects and Providers Together

Many times the phrase “Win, Win” is overused.

However, I recently had the pleasure to truly realize what a “win, win” situation is.  In the last few months, Pro Sports MVP was fortunate to be a part of the Elite Meetings Alliance (EMA) in Dallas and Atlantic City.  The EMA creates a unique forum in which meeting planners and hotel executives are connected with service providers in a high-end setting. Attendees have the opportunity to make introductions, deliver presentations and ultimately build mutually beneficial relationships with new industry contacts.

We had the good fortune to bring in former All Pro and Super Bowl champion Everson Walls from the Dallas Cowboys as part of a hospitality to the EMA event in Dallas.  Everson was his personable self and provided a unique draw and excitement for the meeting planners and attendees during one of the evening receptions which took place at the renowned Omni Hotel Sports Bar in downtown Dallas which recently debuted in 2011.  We also had the opportunity to secure Vince Papale for the Atlantic City event.  Vince is best known as the protagonist in the Disney feature film “Invincible” staring Mark Wahlberg.  He gave a dynamic and entertaining keynote speech to the meeting planners in Atlantic City and was very welleceived by all of the attendees.

At both EMA conferences Pro Sports MVP was able to showcase our distinctive array of services from hospitality (Everson Walls in Dallas) to keynote speakers (Vince Papale in Atlantic City), as all of the meeting planners in attendance had the chance to enjoy our distinctive offerings firsthand. In addition, the EMA attendees were able to market to each other in a setting where there were legitimate prospects and suppliers brought together in order to conduct business. We are very proud to have been a part of the Elite Meetings Alliance in Atlantic City and Dallas which were a huge success for all of us.  We initiated great relationships and have already executed business deals with new contacts and meeting planners we connected with at the events.  We are confident business will continue to be conducted in the months and years ahead from our participation.